Pasta for Thanksgiving and we’re not a bit Italiano….

I’ve already warned you that we’re not “foodies.” Well, that isn’t to say we haven’t eaten good food, as I’ve been served the best of French food from the French table many many times. I used to live in France and I ate the best food and was offered the best wine in the world, but I was a Mormon girl so I had to pass on le vin. (I’m still a Mormon, but no longer a girl.)  Also, I spent my day cooking today so while that doesn’t make me a “chef” it certainly makes me a cook, a baker, and a soccer mom. Anyway, some people might enjoy a post about our Thanksgiving feast. We arrived in evening to Rome and we were starving, but didn’t want to stray far from our hotel. We found a nice pizzeria not far from our hotel and had some good pizza and pasta. The next day being Thanksgiving, we just started walking and before long the kids found the “golden arches.” It wasn’t on my list for breakfast, but it would be easy and with pictures. So, we followed the signs and found a hole in the ground (literally) Mickey D’s. After waiting for an incredible amount of time behind some other customers, an employee comes to change the breakfast menu to lunch. I then start freaking out about what I’m going to do. People of a certain age will remember a film and I felt like I was about to channel my inner Michael Douglas. Anyway, we ended up leaving. It was for the best as I soon found a grocery store and got much tastier supplies for less and we found a bench and had a late breakfast. A few hours later, I walked into a grocery store for a soda break and also found us some awesome sandwiches for lunch and Kinder chocolate to finish it off. Near the grocery store, we found a small piazza and so we parked there and ate. At the piazza, there were some locals and some feral cats hanging about and US. As one of my children is quite allergic to animal fur, I didn’t want the cat near us nor our meal. So, without wanting to get any homeless person upset, I kindly guided it away from us each time they got too close. Then, some fellow American women arrived and became quite taken with the cats. There was a lot of iPhone videography going on. It was highly amusing to us as when I worked at Zion National Park, it never failed that tourists would photograph the local wildlife; in particular: squirrels and skunks. Let’s just say locals DON’T pet the black and white cats!!!!!!!! After a day of walking, we returned to the hotel for a swim before showering and then had some budget pasta not worthy to be called a Thanksgiving meal. Upon return to our luxury hotel, I had to go again to the lobby for free wifi. All day long, they had been prepping for a big soirée and I didn’t linger as long as I would have as I was feeling rather frumpy when the black tie crowd started to encircle me about in my awesome Zion hiking shirt, flip flops, and Lucky brand jeans. 🙂

the night before Thanksgiving.... a boring thing called h20 as a Mormon drink of champions.

the night before Thanksgiving…. a boring thing called h20 as a Mormon drink of champions.


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