What do you think about nutrition?

I did not perform well in my college science classes. I studied so hard in geology, but did so poorly. I lived in the most geologically interesting place, but I couldn’t grasp geology. However, there is one class I walked into that I was already preprogrammed for and I didn’t know it. I took a Foods and Nutrition science course at Southern Utah University about 20 years ago. I automatically just got it. The teacher was a tall and thin middle aged woman and she rewarded me with my first “science” A’s of my life. I do remember she was a vitamin skeptic and I have always been very weary of all of the nutritional claims of supplements because of that class. Before that, I didn’t care as I was young and healthy and I have never been one to thoughtlessly ingest any chemical like substance ie: medication, for example. During my 3 healthy pregnancies, I was always adamant about taking a pre-natal vitamin and I know vitamins have an important place in optimum health, but it is far better to get the nutrients from nature than a chemistry lab in MY humble opinion, if possible. Anyway, because of my “genetic predisposition,” I have a fascination with watching all things nutrition and weight loss related. So, last night I was watching some  guru on PBS talking about nutrition. I am always drawn to these “nutrition gurus.” I am not the healthiest eater, but I do better than most. I will tell you a secret: I enjoy McDonald’s but, I consider it a “treat” and not sustenance.  We rarely eat out. We are not foodies as we’d rather save our money for #travel. If we want some fantastic meal, we’ll usually make it ourselves. My husband makes excellent boeuf bourguignon and carbonara and I make the day to day meals and not eating the green beans isn’t an option for my kids. At any rate, I enjoy thinking about nutrition, but I refuse to jump on any trendy bandwagons as I’ve seen a lot of those in 39 years.


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