Always plan for the worst and hope for the best…

As I wrote many weeks ago, I opted to buy traveler’s health insurance. Ebola was constantly on the nightly news and my nerves were rattled just like every other American who actually can still stomach watching the news. For a mere $67, I was able to get us catastrophic down to basic level coverage. A pretty good price for peace of mind! Leading up to the trip, I was pretty anxious about everyone’s health considering it was in full flu season; and we had 9 people meeting up of varying ages down to a 1 year old baby. On the trip, we were in perfect form and all was going well (aside from a 40 hour late arrival to Budapest due to a flight cancellation before the trip which imperiled everything)  including my friend and his family who flew in to see us from Russia. We had a great time together in perfect health. Then, we moved on to Tokyo. My husband had secretly been dealing with an earache probably caused by all of the flights and pressures on the ears. As he has a pretty serious preexisting condition in that same ear, what could have been disastrous turned out to be something we could emotionally cope with due to my choice of ensuring ourselves. With 3 days left in Tokyo and 11 hours of flight time before hitting our home airport of PDX, we decided he needed to go to the hospital. Since 5 people are very inconvenient with taxis, we sent him alone in hopes of seeing him again. He had ear pain, but no accompanying fever. We are very lucky to be native English speakers as the rest of the world gets by through English, but we had encountered a fair amount of challenges due to the language barriers even at that. He went to an “international hospital” and was then sent to a clinic where they took care of him and finally a pharmacy to give him “ear infection” prescriptions. Total: 3 taxi rides. As we were at Tokyo Disneyland that day, we opted to stay as there wasn’t much we could do for him and meet up in the hotel later that evening. Miraculously when we came back that evening, he had already returned. What could have been a very unpleasant situation if we hadn’t purchased traveler’s medical insurance became simply an inconvenience. He started his prescriptions and quickly improved. The rest of us made it home continuing on in good health.Rx.jpg


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