The longest day of my life………

I am home in Oregon, but before I forget I should give an update of the longest day of my life. Yesterday on Dec. 5th, we woke up to enjoy our 3rd and final day at Tokyo Disneyland Resort (o) If you add an “o” to the end it is Japanese. We ate scones from the hotel convenience store with our home brought apple cider packets. (Travel tip: bring hot chocolate and apple cider packets, I learned already this year as we Mormons don’t drink tea/coffee provided by the hotel and it is nice to have a warm drink in your own room) We started the day at Tokyo Disney Sea as the 3rd day we had the ability to “park hop” Note: It doesn’t work the same way as a U.S. park hopper pass. Since we had 2 day monorail passes, we moved on and ate lunch at Ikspiari, this place is the end of the Tokyo subway and it’s a mall for Disney and it has a food court. It’s a beautiful place with many different options. We bought Krispy Kremes, good Belge waffles, French pastries, and more there. Beautiful place! For lunch, my daughter wanted Yakisoba and I thought that was okay so we ordered it. We were starving. When we brought it back to our table, it looked fine; then we started eating it and discovered tentacles. YUCK! I was so hungry I tried to keep going, but gave up and so did everyone else. The other “meat” alternative was also disgusting. Then we moved on to Disneyland for a last hurrah. We started with Space Mountain on 12/3 so then we ended with Space Mountain on 12/5. It is my all time favorite Disney ride. The first time, I think I was feeling my lack of youth by being dizzy, but the 2nd and final ride went smoother. After that, I figured we’d better eat some more food so we wouldn’t be starving on our trek to the Haneda airport. We bought 2 pizzas to share. Upon discovering that the pizzas looked absolutely horrible covered with hot dog looking substances, we reluctantly gobbled it up as we were in need of food and didn’t know when our next opportunity would come.  We then headed to our hotel to check out and relax before our “friendly airport limousine” shuttle bus to Haneda International terminal. The city was something to behold and there seemed to be nothing but nice cars on the roadways. We arrived at around 8 p.m. with a midnight departure to Honolulu. As we would be getting fed on the plane, we didn’t eat again. The flight would be on Hawaiian Airlines and the first meal served was a strange rice with spam and seaweed wrap. The kids were out and immobile so they didn’t see it, but my husband was disappointed to say the least; to me, it was food. The next meal was a sort of loco moco  (Hawaiian favorite) type of meal. It was better. Somewhere over the ocean, we crossed the international date line so it was still 12/5/14. Then, we arrived in Hawaii for a layover. Again we would eat rice and chicken dinner on the plane before arriving at PDX an hour and 1/2 before we left Tokyo. Total meals on 12/5/14 = 6 meals. The longest day of my life since it was the first crossing of the international date line to me.

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