Tokyo Disney Sea

Have you ever heard of this place? I hadn’t until I was planning a trip to Tokyo. I have done a lot of Disney in my day. The first and only time I went to Disney World, I discovered true Disney fans. These people come multiple times per year to their Disney Vacation Club timeshares, etc. Growing up in Utah, it was Disneyland for us all the way. ……..but Disney World was so much more of a destination. When finding out that Tokyo has “the best Disney park in the world” I was intrigued and had to check it out. This place is a land of wonder. It has the world’s great architecture and culture represented by beautiful structures. Each one is more dazzling and imaginative than the next. There is the ride: Journey to the center if the earth which is housed under a mountain and we started the day there. AWESOME! The different lands of the park are: Mediterranean Harbor, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Lagoon, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, and American Waterfront. We didn’t discover American Waterfront until the evening and it became a grande finale favorite. The rides are awesome have no doubt. I think that this place lived up to its’ reputation as “the best Disney park in the world.”


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