Tokyo Disneyland

The kids were due a trip to Disneyland this year and we had it booked. We are always on the move and more than a day at Disney never seems to work out for us and the daily rates are excruciating. In comes my crazy around the world adventure. In looking at what there is to do in Tokyo, I discover there is a Disneyland here and it is “the best in the world”. Well, I don’t know how you improve Disney, but the ticket prices here are about 40% less so that is how. We cancelled Cali in the summer and planned on doing it in Tokyo. Also, we are at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay and the hotel allows families in the room together. So…. A no brainer. My husband got SPG gold status with this stay so we got an upgrade just like in Rome.  So awesome our first status and it is sweet indeed! We had fun yesterday. The weather was cold, but sunny. It was an off peak day, but we saw more than our fair share of crowds. The entrance was intimidating with hordes of school children in their beautiful attire and many others. I found myself finding every person of European descent in the park, but never speaking with them. I saw probably about 30 maximum. I saw a few black people and they also made me feel at home, but the vast quantity of Japanese is so foreign to me. There were so many dressed funky, but I didn’t know how to approach asking them to pose for a photo. I finally got my chance and the picture turned out blurry. All things considered, they are a very attractive people. My husband said they have good crowd control here, but it’s far from perfect. The haunted mansion was sheer insanity and we had a few line skippers who would make me mad and anxious, but nothing out of control.  We arrived at the opening of the park and gave up when the sun went down cause it was getting colder than comfortable when one is tired. We have a 3 day pass though so we have to pace ourselves. I have been known to over exert myself at a Disney park in the past. Haha.. That was many years ago. That is how Mormons get wild on spring break. 9:00 am to 2:00 am the next day in the park. Trick…… It closed at midnight, but my sister in law and brother got in line at midnight so you can stay until after the ride ends. It was Indiana Jones ride and it was pretty new. So…. We left the park at 2:00 am. I couldn’t walk for a few days after though. Ha ha ha.


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