Tokyo, Japan

At 18, I backpacked Europe mostly alone but visiting friends here and there. I had a lot of funny and dangerous experiences, but I managed well. Yesterday as seasoned travelers, we tried to navigate the Tokyo subways. It was sooo intimidating. Whenimage image we made it to our destination in Harajuku from Shinjuku, it felt like a real accomplishment. Getting back to our hotel was even harder. There were so many entrances and exits it was a maze. We made it out then on to our next destination with more ease and less fear, but I feel like yesterday was a real feat in my travel resume. The weather was beautiful which was great as my baggage with my parka didn’t make it. One bag arrived last night and one is still missing between Europe and Asia. Luckily, nothing vital to me, but my husband is sick of 3 days with the same Jackson Hole shirt.


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