Yesterday we flew to Budapest. We weren’t supposed to go to Rome except for a layover. When Orbitz called me to tell me my flight was cancelled, I wasn’t too worried about it. Then the solutions were not workable. My trek was in peril which wasn’t the end of the world since I’d get a refund; but I’d invited friends to meet me in Budapest and now I wouldn’t be there….. What in the world can I do? After a few days, the situation got resolved with a rerouting to Rome. A “free” side trip to Rome sounds good, but the cost was high. The other solution price was higher or tell my friend I wouldn’t be there. I couldn’t not show up, but the solution was that I’d be there for half the time. Then I spent the rest of the month on pins and needles as the stakes were Β high to not be a flake of a friend. When we finally met up after 6 years, I could relax and enjoy. Now I’m exhausted as we spent a marvelous time walking around Budapest. My kids deserve a medal. It was cold, but it could have been colder and it was dry. We walked and walked and walked. The sites last night were outstanding. The Christmas market was a really fun atmosphere. First time in Budapest and I can confirm that it is a place worth visiting.


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