Native American Heritage Month

November is “Native American Heritage Month”. I grew up down the street from the local Paiute tribal property. I grew up to the sounds of pow wow songs on a summer night when they played drums ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I have danced in the guest portion of the pow wow. My hometown pow wow is always in June and now that we are back West; unfortunately, my children are still in school during the pow wow so we miss it every year. I love to hear the thumping drums and the wailing cries. I grew up with Paiutes and The Diné (Navajo). My ancestors were some of the first white folk in a land where natives were never wiped out: the great State of Utah. We grew up side by side and went to elementary school together. I understand most Americans have never met any actual full blooded native American, but they truly exist outside of folklore books. Native Americans are very diverse, but a lot of them live between 2 cultures and it isn’t easy to continue their traditions. I support any recognition they can get. YAY for Native American Heritage Month!


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