Are you taking the kids ? ? ?

Invariably, my husband and I are always asked this question. In our neck of the woods, it is not abnormal to go to Hawaii. In fact, we have been there twice; both times since we have been living in Oregon. Frankly, it is a lot cheaper to book a flight to Hawaii and guarantee ourselves some swim worthy weather than to drive 80 miles to the gorgeous Oregon coast and spend a lot of money on a nice place only for it to be too cold to go outside. Getting into the water here, um heck NO! Anyway, each time we go somewhere, we are asked: “are you taking the kids?”  IMHO, this is simultaneously some sort of status question and then they follow it up with some sort of….. “we would never take the kids.” I find it interesting that Hawaii only seems to be “acceptable” as some sort of romantic destination. I grew up going to Southern California quite regularly and since I really enjoyed the beach as a child, I see no reason why Hawaii is intended only for romance. If we cannot afford to take the kids, then we’ll have a great time wherever, but they’re coming along on our itinerary. If you want to visit Hawaii or anywhere else, watch for a flight sale and be ready to buy when the price is right for you. The price is only ever right for me when I get a deal.


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