Are you an introvert or extravert?

I just came across a blog post talking about introverts. In the comments section, many people referred to a book written about the subject. I have long since known that I was no extravert, but find my energy within certain activities. I’m no book worm, but I’d have to say that I find my energy in solitude. I’m also not “shy” and apparently they aren’t the same thing as discussed in this Ted Talk. I wish I liked reading more like the author, but I’m not an intellectual by any means, but rather more into physical activity and adventure. The only difference is that I’m particularly interested in doing it alone. After having children and becoming accustomed to company, I have had a slight shift, but for me solitude is a happy place. Recently, my child decided she wanted to attend a certain school for middle school. We went to the orientation and I was a bit disturbed by their obvious excitement by their group based learning platform. This particular child of mine is quite quiet, but very kind and has not formed significant friendships. I was a little concerned with the emphasis on “group” collaboration. It turns out that this group work is a theme the author of the book: Quiet by Susan Cain discusses in her Ted Talk that it is currently common in the work force; and she asserts that it is perhaps too widely relied upon. Here is a quiz from her website.  In case it isn’t already obvious to you which side of the spectrum you are.

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