Alaska Airlines

The other day I learned on that I could cancel an airline ticket on Alaska airlines within 60 days. I double checked and my flight plans were for about 62 days out so I considered my options to determine whether a flight at a different time would suit me better or not. Ultimately, I declined because it was only for a credit for future use. However, I was excited to find out about the option that I didn’t know about. The price was actually $3 more than the one I had booked so I left the flights alone. Another change happened when I was at 59 days out and by then it was too late to get a full credit so I had to stick with the same itinerary. The information is clearly on Alaska Airlines website, but I didn’t know about it and I thought the new information was very useful and I’d found it in the knick of time. Today, I just discovered the price went down from $127 each one way to $108 each one way. I decided to start googling to see what I could get. This is what I found. It was super simple to use online and I got a credit of $94.50 (5 tickets at old price minus the difference in the new price) The credit will be located in “my wallet” with Alaska Airlines. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for baggage fees which I was hoping. It can only be used to book a future flight online. Anyway, I scored $94.50 credit. I’m starting to like a lot of the features with Alaska Airlines. It also happens that we live in PDX area which is a Alaska hub.