news of the wEiRd

This week in the news, a man went missing from a Denver Broncos game. I followed the story from a few days ago when he was missing to when he was found. He was a rural rancher guy at his first pro football game; considering his size, the likelihood of an abduction seemed improbable. I hope the story works out for the family and the guy doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or something. However, once upon a time, when I was living in Russia my friend invited me to visit his hometown to meet his family. It was a great adventure of about 4 days. A few days in the trip, we were to go to his family dacha. ( cabin ) The building was an A frame cabin with kitchen and living quarters on the bottom and beds upstairs. Not long after we arrived, I needed to use the outhouse. As we have a rustic cabin and a very historic outhouse in my family, it wasn’t weird at all. Upon exiting, the weather was nice and I, completely without thinking, decided to go on walk about. I passed one old fellow wearing his valenki ( Russian peasant boots ) probably said a quick greeting and continued on my way. I continued past the other cabins into a forest. The forest wasn’t very big and on the other side of it was a field. It was around May of ’94 and so the dirt was in huge clods probably being prepped for planting. I sat down in the field and reveled in the peace of my surroundings and I was in fact meditating in complete solitude. I was out of the big city and I felt perhaps a bit like I was home. Frankly, I had reached nirvana. Eventually, I decided to head back where I came from to discover my friend beside himself with panic about where I was. It was then that I apologized and said I’d gone out for a walk, to a place where no Western feet had ever trod and probably not since. After his joy of finding me alive and well, he was quite angry. I started to feel bad, but I had lost complete control of reality. It didn’t ever cross my mind that I had up and left not letting anyone know. I was a walker and I’d taken off completely oblivious to time or potential fallout. Had we not been in a rural place in another country, an amber alert would have been issued. He forgave me because it was a party night that night and he would be highly intoxicated within a few hours and the spirits would wipe the slate clean for him.  Anyway, several months ago this “episode” I had came back to my memory. It was a terrible thing to put someone through and I had no care in the world. I guess it boils down to the freer spirit of a rural mind. Thank goodness for forgiveness. I hope the outcome is alright for the Colorado man.

Russkaya Dacha (photo from the internet)

Russkaya Dacha (photo from the internet)


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