Are you insured?

The movie 127 hours starring James Franco was set in Utah. While I have never had to cut my arm off from my hiking escapades, I grew up within a 1 minute walk to red rocks in the same state. Once upon a time, I decided to climb the face of a small mountain in the back of my house and at once near the top, some rocks broke off and crashed down upon my knees. I stood stunned, the other side of the hill was a mere 20 feet away and getting up over it to then walk home would be the quickest, but at that moment I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. Another thing, I had no cell phone. I don’t mean that I didn’t have it with me, I mean it was in another time; it was an off the grid time. I managed to limp home and recover, but I never hiked the face of that ugly lesser mountain again or before. I always loved taking off to the red rocks behind my house whether it was for walking, hiking, or biking. In 1940, my mother’s brother fell off a cliff and died as a child hiking with his brothers in the area. Thus, I was never unaware of the peril’s of nature; however, I didn’t choose to watch 127 hours as I figured I couldn’t exactly stomach it. So, while this Ebola crisis has gotten me all nervous about trekking, the realities are when you travel with 5, inconveniences can easily occur. It can be as simple as stepping off a curb and twisting an ankle to wreak havoc on a good plan to something more serious and potentially financially ruinous. I am a believer in medical insurance. So while I always have insurance within the USA, I wanted to be clear on preparing ourselves to catch something like Ebola when we’re away, despite being confident it wouldn’t likely ever happen. I don’t really want to survive Ebola only to be reminded of it when I pay my bills for life. Therefore, I opted for a travel medical insurance. I managed to get coverage for the time frame needed for a reasonable price with real peace of mind coverage. It even offered a discount for 5 so for once it was convenient traveling with an entourage.


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