Sign I digitally altered above Brianhead, Utah

Sign of a photograph I took and digitally altered from a snow mobile trail above Brian Head, Utah.

I trace my Utah roots to the 1847 Mormon pioneers. Yes, they walked across a great part of the United States into what was then Mexico to escape religious persecution. 1847 marks the first year of the arrival of the first Mormon settlers in what would later become the State of Utah. Along with that pioneer heritage, I am linked to a different kind of Utah history; before I could even ride a bicycle, I was a skier. I can remember the day I learned how to ride a bike, but it was well after I skied. I was raised on a mountaintop, but not in Tennessee. My uncle started a ski resort in the sixties in Utah. Before that, he lived and worked in Garmisch, Germany and caught the “ski bug.” That illuminated a passion inside him to build a ski resort. With the help of colleague investors from Southern California, after he returned back stateside, and much research; he built a ski resort in Southern Utah’s high mountain desert. It would be .It was not a dream easily achieved, but eventually it became a very popular family ski resort destination. I came along in the seventies and grew up as a weekend adventurer as his sidekick driving to the mountain. He worked; I played. Occasionally, I would ski with my older brother, but a lot of time I was left to my own devices and I raised myself in the wild. I skied solo through blizzards and sunny days at pretty high elevation. “Utah’s Highest Resort” Children of today don’t even play much outside of the virtual world, but there is nothing like the crisp way the wind blows at your face as you descend a mountain at a rapid speed in beautiful, glorious nature on skis. A few days ago while following the on facebook, I discovered that they have a “Utah Ski Archives” Β for ski artifacts to preserve Utah’s tourism history. This is great as my uncle is still alive, sharp as a tack in his eighties, and in possession of many things. He is one of Utah’s ski pioneers and unlike the rest of his predecessors, he is alive.

My grandfather and father at Brian Head, Utah circa '69.

My grandfather and father at Brian Head, Utah circa ’69.


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