EUROPE fare deal….

I have been finding incredible flight deals for years. My ultimate score was a $200 flight SLC-CDG in 2002 on . It wasn’t a convenient time for me to fly back to my beloved second homeland of La France so I didn’t bite.  To date, it was my most exciting find, but I find exciting flight deals a lot. I can’t actually take advantage of all that many with a life and all, but there are endless deals. Currently, I like to search flights on , , , , and The key to getting where you want to go for much less is flexibility. I want to go to Honolulu for Christmas holiday. Today’s interesting deal of the day is SFO-DUB for $467.00. Sometimes, it isn’t so bad on the pocketbook to live in San Francisco. Just don’t be insistent on finding your ideal departure or destination airport, but those obstacles can be overcome; and, don’t forget to collect the miles when you fly. The walking possibilities at destination are endless.


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