Flu shot

Yesterday, we were at the doc’s office for check-ups on a no school day. They were already doing flu shots for the season so I signed us up since it was already on the to do list. As a child, I got the flu many times rather bad. (Like a week in bed and out of school bad) My grandfather was raised by his grandma because his dad died of the Spanish flu. I’m not quite sure where his mom was. This was in very rural Utah so that epidemic obviously traveled to even remote areas. As an adult, I have generally made it a priority to get flu shots for my family. I have a big adventure on the horizon and I often suffer from mild anxiety that I’ll be sick for a big trek. I’m actually rather healthy, knock on wood, but I always get a little nervous. There is now an added stressor, but a blessing of friends meeting up with us. I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong. There will be 100% chance of jet lag, which actually made me feel mildly fluish earlier this year so no room for something else in that equation. There are 5 of us who need to remain well and since they are a family of 4 that makes 9 people who need to travel to meet and remain healthy at just the right epic moment for a reunion. The news of the day doesn’t help much. Ebola killing people and haz mat teams coming on airplanes. I’m far from the epicenter of the news, but we’ll soon be a lot closer and with air travel it’s a really small world, plus you never know where the people you share air with have been. Anyway, my arm is sore today, but I’ve survived enough bad bouts of influenza to know that I can do one small thing to up our chances of being as healthy as we can be.


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