Life skills in the modern society

Today on facebook, I came across a picture of a heavy woman holding 2 children. The caption said: “I’m too poor to be healthy.If I was well off, I’d be able to buy fresh food and afford a gym membership.”  My father grew up post depression and he was skinny and likely often hungry because he grew up in a time of great want. He was just one of 7 mouths to feed from a hard working barely making it family. My own mother put healthy food on the table for us and used to calculate that it cost about .25 cents to make a loaf of bread in the eighties. I’d wager it doesn’t cost me that much more today, but my bread never comes out quite as tasty. We grew up on homemade food; most of it was bought, in the summer some of it we grew, and most of our meat came from the local butcher. As a person who made a choice to stay home and raise my children, I have a lot of personal experience cooking my own food and eating it. What is lacking today is the foundation and know how of healthy cooking. People have lost the skills of self reliance. The schools need to offer cooking and nutrition classes, not just “improve” the lunch menu offerings. I got these skills at home, but most people aren’t getting that anymore and they sorely need it. As for the gym pass, the true ROI comes from the working out and nobody needs a gym for that. I have walked in urban locations, suburban locations, rural towns, and mountains all alone. A gym pass is NOT a prerequisite for fitness. #walk #hike #bike or any other type of movement.

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