What’s on your list?

Last night, I found a blog that called the bucket list a life list. In 2012, we met my parents in Boston for an East Coast trip. 2 of my 3 children were born in Pennsylvania, but we left back westward when the 3rd and last was only 10 months old; and my mother had really loved the fall foliage back East, so I told her we’d see the fall foliage as it was to be in early October. I had visited Boston a few years earlier on my own, but I’d always had an interest in Salem, Massachusetts. So, we stayed north of the city in Peabody, Massachusetts. It was in close proximity to many of our interests. The month of October for Salem has a calendar of Halloween events and we were to be there for the town Halloween parade. It was at night, but I really wanted to attend. We did and it was so fun. After, we ate in a restaurant/bar place with a stage and the restaurant had a very fun ambiance like Disneyland we all agreed. Lots of fun and a great trip with children. My husband opted out of the trip and ironically ended up going on a few business trips right in the same vicinity the next fall. I guess you could say that Salem, Massachusetts made it to my childhood list. I have always enjoyed whimsical Halloween, but I don’t care for scary or inappropriate (#sexy) Halloween and the Salem witch trials always thrilled me. Not enough to study intensely about them, but enough to always be intrigued by the venue. As one can imagine, it is a great and popular October destination, but we were there at the first of the month so we were the only tourists at the hometown parade I think. At one point on the trip, my father was speaking to someone at home on a cell phone or someone he had met and was chatting with and said: it was a bucket list trip. Well, my dad was knocking on seventies’ door at the time and it still shocked me that it was time for him to be referring to such things in such terms. It was also obvious by the way he spent a large part of the trip in the car and opted out of many nationally important tourist sites we’d never visited that it would indeed be a trip that could fit into a bucket list trip for him. As for myself, I am knocking at forties’ door and I’m not ready to consider a bucket list. Then, last night I found a blog refer to it as a LIFE LIST. I don’t actually have one as I’m not much of a list maker, but I far preferred that term for my age bracket. My list is in my head and it is ever changing and evolving based upon deals.


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