Westside Regional Trail

This week, I walked a path I’d done a few times before. I dropped the kids off at school on foot and continued on to the Westside trail. When I’ve done it with my kids, we’ve pretty much been tired by the time we got to the trail. It’s just a walking path through pines in suburban Beaverton, but it’s a nice urban trail. As I approached the trail, I saw about a dozen women in veils and dresses going onto the pathway. As I got closer, I realized that underneath their dresses they were all wearing their work out gear and sporting their best athletic shoes. I was a bit intimidated for a moment as I didn’t anticipate getting stuck behind a crowd; then, I wondered if I could overtake them. I said: “hello, ladies!” Not sure if they would speak English as they were all Africans of some kind. They responded friendly, then I asked them if they walk there a lot. They told me that they come out 7 days a week. I unofficially invited myself and was accepted into their walking group, but I told them I’d probably get too lazy. I then proceeded, unencumbered by a big social walking circle, and took off at a pretty fast pace. I was invigorated! When I approached the crossroads for home or to continue onto the trail, I opted to continue. I arrived home after almost 2 hours of brisk walking. For the record, I do NOT enjoy speed walking. (I did it once as a class in Hawaii. The housewives of New Jersey in the class were way too hard core for me!!) I spent the next 3 days pretty sore, which never happens to me after walking. It was worth it.

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