walk 2 school

Growing up and walking to elementary school was par for the course. I remember picking leaves off trees and catching these little fluttery seeds that would fall in a twirling fashion down from the sky on my afternoon return. I even started walking home in the middle of the day for lunch because I wouldn’t eat school lunch and started to realize I could come home and eat when I was 10, even though it was certainly not very close. I might have even once or twice gotten yelled at for picking flowers from old ladies’ yards too on my route. It wasn’t until my thirties that I realized just how much work goes into getting a yard to look nice and having flowers that bloom that I’ve had to reprimand my kids when I discovered them with flowers that weren’t from our yard. Anyway, good times! I try to make my kids walk to school when the weather is nice and we are on the ball cause it takes a bit of extra time on foot. It doesn’t happen as much as I’d like, but today was a beautiful morning with the beginnings of fall crispness and I got them out the door on time. I usually watch them from the window and tell them that they have to watch for my wave once they set off. It is a fun routine which I know is going to be so fleeting. Each time, I tell myself to mentally capture this image of them walking side by side off to their learning. Today, I finally got a picture of the event. Since there was no time for staging and the lighting wasn’t quite right, the photo I captured can’t really do justice to the idea, but just in case my memory fades, I’m very grateful for photography. Later today, I’ll go on foot to volunteer at the school and we’ll enjoy our way back together walking home from school.


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