Bend or BUST

bendbend2 For labor day, we packed the bikes onto the van and headed to central Oregon. This is the “high mountain desert” of Oregon, which is quite different and way more lush than my home desert of Southern Utah, but it is very nice nevertheless. We journeyed through Portlandia suburbs to eventually make our way to Sisters, Oregon. We had been through there once before en route to a ski trip so since it looked cool I wanted to park and bike ride a bit. Well, it wasn’t too awesome since our newest bike rider was too timid and refusing to ride when a car or human was within hundreds of yards. Eventually, we gave up and finished the 20 mile trek to our Marriott in Bend. Upon arrival, I noticed there was a bike trail next to the hotel and I recruited my oldest to accompany me. We had a good ride to the Old Mill shops in Bend and the others joined us for dinner and later the promised dip in the hotel pool/Jacuzzi so it was ultimately a success.


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