Kolob Canyons is in Zion National Park. It is located just off I-15 about 20 miles south of Cedar City, Utah. The elevation is higher there than in the more visited area of Zion near Springdale, Utah. Summer temperatures are hot and in winter the canyons see a lot of snow. On this July day, we hiked the Taylor Creek hike. It is a family hike which requires a moderate level of fitness and about 3 hours round trip at a steady pace. You will likely experience total peace and solitude on any off season day. We were there on July 29, 2014 in peak season and there weren’t many people. On our trek, we encountered another young family who had minutes earlier come upon one of the few natural enemies to be found in the canyon; a rattlesnake. The family captured the snake in a photo and it left me rattled for the rest of our hike. Having grown up in the area, I had never actually seen a live rattler in the wild. Aside from that excitement, we were in one of God’s greatest wonders. The heat of the day also made the sand smell really great. I cannot describe it, but the scents really comes alive from the sunshine. There are 2 historic cabins on the hike. You will not regret stopping for this hike, but you might not want to leave.

Taylor Creek

Taylor Creek


Indian paintbrush

Indian paintbrush

cabin view

cabin view

DSC_0131DSC_0132DSC_0134DSC_0135DSC_0136DSC_0142kolob canyons


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