loads of laundry…

Just returned from a 14 and 1/2 day journey. I picked up my daughter who was a 1st season farmer in Idaho with her cousins from Alabama and Tennessee at her grandparents’ home. She was initiated with important tasks like weeding and other stuff nobody would understand, but she was able to enjoy some cliff diving into the Snake River on her down time. Not too bad for a 12 year old girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ We spent 24 hours in Salt Lake City shopping and swimming at our lifelong favorite family destination. The Little America

Then we headed South to my childhood home in Southern Utah. We spent the week with cousins and hiking in the canyon in grandma’s backyard. There you can find prime hiking territory unknown to even locals who don’t venture anywhere on foot. I spent my first pioneer holiday in Utah in several years on a horse drawn wagon and no pioneer day is successful without the requisite trip to the mountains. We visited briefly with way old family friends at Brianhead, Utah and then stopped by Cedar Breaks National Monument. We were able to get the Utah cousins involved in the Junior ranger program and the kids earned their badges from Cedar Breaks. The next day, my husband flew down to commence the next phase of our trip, visiting Zion National Park. We had a fun filled day hiking the Emerald Pools hike, eating at Oscar’s in Springdale, and then going swimming in a lesser known natural swimming hole paradise within the park boundaries. 2 days later, we hiked the Taylor Creek family hike at Kolob Canyons in Zion National Park. We were lucky enough to not encounter a rattlesnake which had been discovered by the family in front of us just a mere 5 minutes before us. However, I did not relax quite so easily for the rest of the hike. Having grown up there, I had yet to see a rattlesnake in the wild and was hoping to keep it that way. We had a long ride on 4-wheelers on the last day before we headed to Heber, Utah for an overnight trek. We were able to visit the Mirror Lake area in the Uinta National Forest for the first time. AWESOME PLACE! The next day, we headed back through Idaho to enjoy a lunch with my in-laws and continue on to Boise for the night. Finally, we were able to visit Roaring Springs water park in Boise after driving past it many times before. The temperatures were hot enough and we happened to be staying in Boise for the night before heading on to PDX. The kids had a grand time and now I predict we will not be able to drive by as easily as in the past. The final drive home was shortened as we started in Boise, but when we got home we were all very happy to be there, but we will be spending the next few days folding laundry and putting away suitcases.


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