Pioneer Day 2014

It has been a decade or so since I’ve been in the hometown for Pioneer Day. It is a celebration of Mormon Pioneers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Since my own family arrived in 1847 in future SLC, I enjoy this holiday.  This year we got to ride on a horse drawn wagon. We had a lot of fun. At one point, the gorgeous Haflinger horse on the right took a spill and almost hit the ground. Scary when you are being pulled by 2 live creatures. My own pioneer heritage involves death enroute to Utah in 1847 by getting run over by a wagon wheel of my ancestor’s 4 year old. We didn’t want any real excitement like that. So while I had planned on being at the parade as a spectator, I became a participant and rode with my children as our host only had one grandchild aboard. I didn’t want my kids acting off, horses getting spooked, and an accident. So I was a chaperone.  It was fun. My first parade since ’92. Same town, different float. #cedarcityutahWagon

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