Yoga in Portlandia

wds2014 I found out some of the people I follow on Twitter were coming to Portland. So… I had to find out why. They were coming to World Domination Summit 2014. Apparently, people have been trying to take over the world in PDX for 4 years now. I had no idea. Anyway, the event was sold out and the tickets were a hefty $499 or so dollars anyway so I’ll just dominate my jungle in suburban PDX. However, they were having a yoga event where they were trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for doing yoga on the Pioneer Courthouse Square. As a yoga practitioner myself and somebody who had been looking for an excuse to go hang out downtown, that was the perfect opportunity. There was initial excitement, but then it turned dull and hot. (hot by PDX standards) My sidekicks were quickly bored and we had to break for brunch. By the time we came back, they were still at it dominating the yoga. This photo was the last congratulatory yoga pose. #Namaste http://


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