Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Finally got some official outdoor furniture for my lower patio, instead of collapsible sports chairs. So, we had to celebrate with our first feast in a pot of the season. What is that? Well, it happens to be one of my favorite comfort food dishes. It was introduced to me by my MIL cause she is a big Dutch oven cook. I loved it so now we make our own. If you don’t know what a Dutch oven is check out the black pot behind the fire. It is a must have in your Western America survival kit.
Feast in a pot
Fry bacon and onions in the Dutch oven over the hot coals.
Add boneless-skinless chicken (seasoned with S&P and flour)
Fry it until brown and cooked
Add shredded hash browns, carrots, peas, and stir in sour cream until Dutch oven is almost full.
Cook over hot coals for an hour checking and stirring at regular intervals
Add shredded cheddar cheese and mix
Should be followed up with s’mores for a perfect combo, but we had mud pie already prepared in the freezer so we’ll do that next time.
Just like camping, but I didn’t leave my own yard, except to go shopping at the mall.


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