How does your garden grow?

The weather has been hot in the Northwest this spring. We had some really hot days the last week of April then the rains returned and a hot week last week too. The weather here doesn’t get consistently warm until around July 1st so that means too much bedding on some days, but don’t be fooled into packing winter away just yet cause it will continue to return every other day for several more weeks. The fruit trees are in various states of possibilities. My Rainier cherry tree that I planted was eaten alive by resident yard deer last spring when it was in full glory. This spring I sprayed to keep the deer away, but the tree is struggling. My peach tree is ugly, but appears to be producing some quickly growing prospects. My blueberries are generally a low maintenance good investment. My grapes look like they will be a beautiful sight in August and my tomatoes usually are just right just in time for cold weather to return so the pictures are the state of today’s garden report.