San Antone

The other day when I was in San Antonio, we took a walk on the famous river walk looking for some breakfast. Most of the restaurants were pretty much closed as it was brunch time and they were prepping for lunch and dinner so we walked and walked until we found a restaurant. Since they were using a jack hammer right out the door, I chose to continue on our way, but we came back since it was our only option. We ordered huevos rancheros. It wasn’t a Mexican restaurant, but they made the best huevos rancheros I’d ever eaten and we ate inside away from the jack hammering so it was a tasty and pleasant meal. After that, we took off to go check out the Mercado a few miles away. I hadn’t intended to buy any souvenirs for my children that I left home to attend school, but once at the awesome Mercado, I couldn’t resist. Then, my uncle said we have to go into this place and show you. We went inside this restaurant and it was the most visually stimulating and gorgeous place. It is a restaurant with a lot of historical importance to the city, but despite the fact that I’d been there dozens of times I hadn’t been there. Luckily, we had a wonderful breakfast earlier on the river walk or I’d have been very disappointed we didn’t get to eat at this amazing location.

café y panaderia

café y panaderia

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