prettiest pit stop

Our intention was to drive to Moab, Utah a few days after Christmas for a mini road trip. It was our first time heading over I-70 as a family, although I had made the trek a few times before, it had been many years. We stopped in Richfield, Utah to get some gas and Wendy’s. Since it was a bit before lunch, we decided on a large snack, but not lunch. That meant, value meal burgers….. Little did we know the next chance we’d get for food we would be famished! The next stop was to have a looksee at the scenery we were driving through quickly to get to our preferred destination. It was the San Rafael Swell. I had been through there last in 1998, but there is a lot of neat scenery in the area and I don’t remember ever paying attention to that before. We were able to explore this spot for about 15 minutes and one of my kids who had been previously complaining about wanting to go back to grandma’s house, presumably to play more video games proclaimed: “I want to hike the whole place, can we mom?” Yes!!! They caught the vision…. However, that was not our intended destination so I had to tell them we had to move on, but that was one major win for me.sanrafeal1


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