Christmas hikes……..

The Christmas holidays started off with a 3 hour delay before a hike through one airport in overcast dismal Oregon. We emerged at midnight from our plane to crash in our preferred Vegas Residence Inn. Upon exiting the hotel the next morning, I groaned as I realized I had once again returned to the land of sunlight and had left my shades in Oregon. Since I was not going to be the driver of our awesome red Jetta rental car, I was less concerned, but nonetheless shades are required in Lost Wages and this is the second vacay I had gone off and left them. It was Christmas Eve and we were going to grandmother’s house. Drive-park-fly-sleep-drive and get to grandma’s house. The most ever snow recorded in usually hot Southern Utah had left snow in the desert where none had ever been before, but we were traveling more than a week after it fell and then left the locales with frigid temperatures in an otherwise snowbird location so the roads were gloriously clear for travel. We arrived and then it was time to wrap Christmas presents that had been previously shipped and then feast with the family. As usual, I seemingly enjoyed the food more and longer than anyone else at the table. It was most excellent to avoid food prep as we flew in from far away. On the other hand, I rarely outsource food prep. so I am quite capable, but it was a welcome respite. The next morning, after the presents were opened and the boredom set in, it was time to enjoy a Christmas hike in sunny Southern Utah. fiddlers1


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