I don’t cook….

I overheard a cheer mom the other day say that she doesn’t cook. “I can’t cook.” Today, I read a Twitter comment by a man who has never cooked. NEVER??? I’ve been preparing meals for myself for a very long time. I prepare meals for a family a lot. My limit is 2 real and delicious meals per day. Beyond that, I refuse to prepare a serious dish.  Most of the time it is some variation of leftover. With that said, both my parents could and did cook and so can my husband. I don’t understand how a person could exist without this experience. It sounds absolutely dreadful to eat out every meal. Today, I made treats all day. It is 🎃 Halloween season  👻  and we have a party, so yeah I can cook, bake, etc…  Can you cook?


School treats DIY

Zion is booming…

What do you do when a beautiful destination becomes too popular? Last summer when I visited Zion, it felt like Disneyland. I ❤️ Disneyland so I was okay with it. However, it was weird. It is hard to imagine that not long ago, everyone drove right up to the hike. It was kind of a mess before a shuttle solution, but now it has outgrown the solution. http://www.sltrib.com/home/4469358-155/zion-national-park-considers-limiting-visitors


This is a photo taken at our family ranch.  My grandfather was a rancher who lived in the Nevada desert in the winter and on the mountain in Southern Utah in the summer. It is so remote you are never sure whether you will be able to get in there. We had a great day there with family. My grandfather would have probably found it funny I write about hiking. He mostly just worked and “hiked” after a missing sheep if necessary. He lived his life on horseback. Ironically, it was the other side of my family that I rode horses with. I have been on some epic horse rides and been bucked off epically too. My grandfather was pretty old most of my life, but he would have been cool to hike with. We took him to Disneyland in the eighties and that was definitely an adventure for him. Though he rarely left his ranch or Southern Utah, his offspring have lived all over the world on missions and for employment. 🇺🇸img_2014

Sydney pics…

Most of my photos are done on my iPhone, but occasionally my sidekick will bring his good camera. I just found these pictures today. We walked around Sydney a lot in 5 days. The highlights included: the coastal walk Bondi-Coogee on a warm day, Coogee-Bondi on a blustery cold day, walking across the bridge (free) in lieu of the expensive bridge climb, waking up early and hitting the Sydney fish market, the botanical gardens,  a night at the symphony at Sydney Opera house, and trying interesting cuisine. Carmen was playing at the Opera house too, but I didn’t know so I didn’t have tickets and it was too late. It looked absolutely awesome in the brochure. Also, we played Carmen in high school and we “took state” orchestra with that piece so I really wanted to go. I did figure I could sneak in and play along since I was wearing all black anyway. I like to attend world class performances any time I can. If you think they must be too expensive, think again. I have heard the most famous violinists for not much more than you’d pay for a movie ticket. You can pay a lot to sit in “the right” seats, but there are seats at many price points and it is something to consider if you want an experience. Classical musicians truly are underpaid and incredibly talented.

A hike gone really wrong…🏔

imageimageWe went to a football game in Salt Lake City this weekend. I wasn’t going to go until the last moment since my kids would miss 2 days of school and a Thursday night was highly inconvenient. Anyway, I dragged the 4th grader along to keep me company on the 5 hour drive from Boise. We had a blast meeting with family for the football game and then planned on hiking up in the Big Cottonwood Canyon of Salt Lake City on Friday morning with just the 2 of us. Well, the little one cried that she was too tired and just wanted to go home. We compromised and decided to go shopping in downtown. By shopping, I mean walking around the shops before the 5 hour return. When we got downtown, we discovered it was the Comic Con Convention. My interest was peaked to go pass by and see what interesting people we could observe. Now, Comic Con is probably the least likely place on the planet I would intentionally attend, but I couldn’t resist since we were already there. Well, I discovered that Henry Winkler was there among other “celebs,” I said: THE FONZ??? Yes… Okay, I’ll go see. Well, $40 to get my picture taken with him. Um… NO! I wouldn’t pay 40 bucks to have my picture taken with anybody. I’ll only pay that for an entry fee to hike a park and take a picture with a tree. Comic Con was interesting, but mostly I find most of that stuff as dry as they would find a hiking blog. 🤓 We didn’t have much time there, but it was pretty epic for that sort of thing.

Happy 100th National Parks!


Zion is my undisputed favorite!

Growing up near the highest concentration of national parks in the United States and near some of the most iconic world images was awesome. Frankly, people didn’t travel a ton then and there was NO internet so we didn’t know much else. It was a rural area. It still is, but there are many more services and conveniences now. 🙏 We were mostly all white people and Native Americans. I used to literally go to sleep to the beat of the pow wow drum.  We knew we had hot summers, cold winters, and the wind blew you over sometimes. We also knew we had cool red rocks, but we longed for the green landscapes we saw on tv. When I was 15, I came to Zion with Rotary exchange students who had come to Utah from all over the world. I had a really fun weekend and it was the first time seeing my home with new eyes. I was leaving for my own exchange to France and they were finishing up their time so we had a weekend party/convention. Later, when I was 18, I lived and worked in the park. It was an awesome summer of working and hiking. Let me tell you, there is nothing like waking up there. It is so awesome. If you get the chance to visit, stay in close proximity or inside the park. If you haven’t ever visited, there is plenty of time. These landscapes were millions of years in the making, but don’t wait that long. Make the effort!!! People of all ages will enjoy it. This summer, I enjoyed watching pictures be taken of a very flexible yoga poser and selfie takers near ledges with thousand foot drops. I was ready to leave before witnessing the aftermath of that, but yep you’ll get a great selfie there. 🤓

Hiking to the ice cream shop…🍦

This weekend, we went on a last minute, before back to school jaunt to Northern Utah. We didn’t want to travel too far so we decided to go to Logan, Utah. This is an off the beaten path small city. I knew my parents would be up for a little getaway from the other end of the state so I invited them and they met us there. All I wanted to accomplish was hiking ⛰ and getting ice cream🍦. Since we had a birthday that week, we had to help grandma choose a present so that took up a lot of time.  We got headed up Logan canyon a bit late, but it was cooling off from a hot day so it was fine. Having never hiked this destination before, our intended trail didn’t work out since we didn’t give ourselves enough time. 3 miles up a cliff face we weren’t familiar with and an appointment for ice cream didn’t leave us enough time. Not getting ice cream in Logan is not an option. They have a great creamery on the campus of Utah State University. It’s a must do in the area. We still managed to go for a nice stroll up the canyon and make it for Aggie ice cream as night fell. 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 Figuring out how to deal with a multiple scoop order was not fun though.